This is me

The view from Matanga Hill.

Me in Hampi, Karnataka (India)

Who am I?

A travel professional who incidentally loves to travel herself! The first offspring (i have a younger sibling) of an army officer and his culinarily gifted wife. Continuing an extended sabbatical from full time work, I have only recently taken to penning down my thoughts and experiences in a way that is decipherable to an educated being.

Why am I here?

I have documented my journeys and experiences for some time now, but they have mostly remained very personal. I finally found courage and time (in that order) to share them with the world. I never had the fear of writing, I was afraid that someone would read it! Through this blog I hope to overcome that fear.

What to expect?

As travel is a passion, I intend to write a lot about it. Apart from the writing being personal, I intend to be informative too. I hope you like what you read.

Thanks for visiting my blog.




Your thoughts

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